What Does GSA Stand For?

What is GSA Schedule?

GSA Schedules (also referred to as Multiple Award Schedules (MAS) and Federal Supply Schedules) are long-term governmentwide contracts with commercial firms providing federal, state, and local government buyers access to more than 11 million commercial supplies (products) and services at volume discount pricing..

Is GSA a good agency to work for?

GSA is a great place to work in federal government. It is a very progressive and team focused community. In the IT department you can telework and pick your work schedule. The environment is very flexible and using Google products was super helpful.

How do I find my GSA contracts?

The shortcut to this page is www.gsa.gov/elibrary….Other features include:Access to information on millions of supplies (products) and services;Information on the latest Schedule Program changes, including a “News” area;Access to the complete list of all GSA and VA Schedules from the “View Schedule contracts” link;More items…

What is the purpose of GSA?

The GSA is a sprawling bureaucracy established in 1949 that now has 12,000 employees and a $21 billion budget. It works largely behind the scenes to support other federal entities, with responsibility for managing federal office space, procuring supplies and improving the use of technology across the government.

How does the GSA work?

GSA provides centralized procurement for the federal government, offering billions of dollars worth of products, services, and facilities that federal agencies need to serve the public. GSA’s acquisition solutions supply federal purchasers with cost-effective high-quality products and services from commercial vendors.

What is GSA in government?

GSA was established by President Harry Truman on July 1, 1949 to streamline the administrative work of the Federal Government. … Today, our mission has evolved to provide stewardship of the way the government uses and provides real estate, acquisition services, and technology.

Where is GSA headquarters located?

Washington, D.C., United StatesGeneral Services Administration/Headquarters

How do you get GSA approved?

Below is a summary of the necessary steps to obtain and maintain a MAS Information Technology contract.Download the solicitation package. Download the latest revision (refresh) of the MAS Information Technology Solicitation. … Prepare your offer. … Submit your offer. … GSA will review your offer. … Maintain your contract.

What is GSA clearance?

To outline the procedures for U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) personnel, including both employees and contractor employees, to verify an individual has the appropriate clearance level for the purpose of sharing classified information, and to provide the procedures to follow when requesting to have clearance …

Are GSA rates fully burdened?

Final Pricing: The rates that follow include the Fully Burdened Labor Rates, inclusive of overhead, profit, and the GSA Industrial Funding Fee (IFF) of 0.75%.

What is GSA acronym?

GSA U.S. General Services Administration. GSA IT Office of GSA Information Technology. GSS General Supplies and Services.

Who does the GSA report to?

The GSA administrator heads one of three central management agencies in the federal government. The administrator and the immediate management team are headquartered in GSA’s national office in Washington, DC.

What does GSA eligible mean?

GSA Approval is a status used to describe organizations that have been approved to sell to the United States Government through the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA).

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