Quick Answer: Who Is Bigger ADP Vs Paychex?

What bank does Paychex use?

Citizens BankPaychex Payroll Services | Learn more and Get Started | Citizens Bank..

Does ADP pay well?

ADP employees earn $55,000 annually on average, or $26 per hour, which is 18% lower than the national salary average of $66,000 per year. According to our data, the highest paying job at ADP is a Vice President at $175,000 annually while the lowest paying job at ADP is a Security Officer at $25,000 annually.

How many companies use ADP?

Serving over 810,000 clients in 140 countries, ADP has the experience and scale to customize solutions for businesses of all sizes – from small business to global enterprise – across all industries.


With more than $11 billion in revenues and more than 60 years of experience, ADP (NASDAQ: ADP) is the global leader in BPO Services. Established in 1949 and listed since 1961, ADP’s 60,000 employees serve approximately 630,000 clients in more than 111 countries.

Is workday owned by ADP?

Workday has strong motivation to strengthen its pre-existing ADP alliance. … The two companies have been working together since Workday was founded in 2005. But after the cloud HR software company entered the U.S. payroll market in 2008, the two also became competitors.

Who is ADP’s biggest competitor?

The top 10 competitors in ADP’s competitive set are SAP, Workday, Ultimate Software, Oracle, Paychex, Insperity, TriNet, Epicor, Ceridian, Heartland Payment Systems. Together they have raised over 9.4B between their estimated 331.7K employees.

Who is the largest payroll company?

ADPADP is the largest and probably best-known payroll processing company in the United States. ADP offers services to companies ranging from small businesses of one or two employees all the way up to multi-national businesses exceeding 1,000 employees and more.

Is ADP a big company?

In 2020, ADP was ranked 227 on the Fortune 500 list of the largest United States corporations by revenue. … ADP currently has about 58,000 employees worldwide and its fiscal year 2019 revenues were $14.2 billion.

Is ADP good for small business payroll?

ADP does serve small businesses, but considering the price and feature set, ADP works best for mid-sized and large companies. … Since ADP charges per payroll, a company with 50 employees or less that runs a weekly or biweekly payroll can find more cost-effective options, such as Gusto.

What companies use Paychex?

Who uses Paychex?CompanyWebsiteCountryVERSA PRODUCTS, INCversaproducts.comUnited StatesMILLER, COOPER & CO., LTDmillercooper.comUnited StatesSL Green Realty Corpslgreen.comUnited StatesEmpire Communities Inc.empirecommunities.comCanada1 more row

How much do ADP employees get paid?

Automatic Data Processing, Inc. (ADP) pays its employees an average of ₹748,470 a year. Salaries at Automatic Data Processing, Inc. (ADP) range from an average of ₹341,080 to ₹2,064,061 a year.

How many employees does Paychex have?

PaychexHeadquarters of PaychexNet incomeUS$ 933.7 million (FY MAY 31, 2018)Total assetsUS$ 7.46 billion (FY MAY 31, 2018)Total equityUS$ 2.02 billion (FY MAY 31, 2018)Number of employees14,300 (2018)14 more rows

Is Paychex better than ADP?

Paychex compares to ADP in size and complexity, but they’ve built their business by focusing on improving payroll and accounting-related HR solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. They also offer enterprise-level solutions, if that’s what your company needs.

What companies use ADP for payroll?

Who uses ADP Payroll?CompanyWebsiteCompany SizeLongHorn Steakhouselonghornsteakhouse.com>10000Univera, Inc.univera.com10-50Palo Alto Universitypaloaltou.edu500-1000Jimmy John’s Franchise, LLCjimmyjohns.com1000-50001 more row

Who owns ADP?

The general publicThe general public holds a substantial 20.85% stake in ADP, making it a highly popular stock among retail investors.

Does Amazon use ADP for payroll?

Amazon.com: Customer Questions & Answers. Does it automatically sync with adp payroll service? … Yes, the software exports to several popular payroll applications, including several different versions of ADP software.

What exactly does ADP do?

We are a comprehensive global provider of cloud-based human capital management (HCM) solutions that unite HR, payroll, talent, time, tax and benefits administration, and a leader in business outsourcing services, analytics and compliance expertise.

Is ADP a SaaS company?

Automatic Data Processing Inc. (NASDAQ: ADP) offers human capital management solutions such as payroll services, benefits administration, compliance solutions and human capital management through its Employer Services segment. It delivers solutions as a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS).

Is Paychex a good company?

If you’re young and building up a resume Paychex is a great company to look at. If you are a seasoned professional looking to support a family you might find that the best positions are filled internally and not usually externally, and that the pay on lesser positions is not always competitive with other companies.

Which payroll system is the best?

2021’s Best Payroll Software for Small BusinessesGusto. : Best overall.RUN Powered by ADP. : Best for payroll & HR.Paychex. : Best reporting.OnPay. : Simplest setup.SurePayroll. : Best customer service.Square Payroll. : Best for contract work.Wave Payroll. : Most affordable accounting software integration.Patriot Software.More items…

How much does Paychex cost per month?

Express Payroll costs $60 per month and $4.00 per user. Paychex Flex Select costs $90 per month and $5.00 per user. Paychex Flex Pro costs $150 per month and $3.65 per user.