Quick Answer: How Do I Top Up My Singtel Prepaid SIM Card?

Which is the best prepaid SIM card in Singapore?

The StarHub Travel prepaid SIM card provides the best roaming coverage across 17 destinations, including countries out of Asia.

If you are only staying in Singapore, then the Singtel hi.

Tourist SIM (Twin Pack) has the best value..

Why is my prepaid card not working?

The most common reasons are that the card hasn’t been activated, the cashier is running the wrong type of transaction, the dollar amount being charged is greater than the card’s balance or the credit card processing machine is bumping up the charge amount to either place a hold on the card or to allow for a gratuity.

How can I check if my SIM card is valid?

If you want to check your SIM expiry details you can dial *124# at any time. If you want to check the credit balance on your SIM, please click here. You can also dial *124# on your phone to see how much time is left on your sim card.

Where can I buy Singtel prepaid top up card?

Where to top up your prepaid hi! SIM Card or buy data plans? … • Singtel Shops. • Singtel Exclusive Retailers. … • Authorized Prepaid Retailers. … • hi! Account @ hi.singtel.com (Free Access) … • Singtel Self-Serve Kiosks. • AXS Stations/ AXS e-Station/ AXS m-Station. … • hi! App. … Work Permit Pass. … Singapore Telecommunications Limited.

What is Singtel bonus $30 top up?

Top up $15 and get $30 worth of IDD 019 calls and local talktime/SMS. Plus free incoming calls!

How do I replace my Singtel prepaid SIM card?

Please head down to your Telco and ask for a replacement. Most of the time they will do it 1 time free. If you are a prepaid user, just bring down your old sim with your phone and they will replace it on the spot. Why spend $2 or $5 to cut it.

How do I know my Singtel prepaid number?

Alternatively, top-up online by credit card or Happy prepaid app. To check balance and to see your phone number dial *113#.

How do I top up my prepaid card?

You can top up your card in the following ways:With cash at any Post Office® and PayPoint location.Online with a 360money e-voucher from PayPoint.Online with a credit or debit card.Have your wages paid to your card for free.Transfer money from any bank account to your card for free.

Where can I replace my Singtel SIM card?

Please pick up your replacement SIM card within 30 days at any Singtel shop or self-service kiosk, otherwise a contractual surcharge is applicable. To view the locations of our Singtel shops and self-service kiosks, please visit Store Locator.

Where can I buy prepaid cards?

You can buy prepaid cards at retail locations (such as grocery stores and drug stores), online, over the phone, or from some banks and credit unions. If you buy the card online, you may then be issued a virtual card, or you may receive a physical card in the mail at a later time.

How long do prepaid SIM cards last?

6 monthsWith pre-paid SIM cards, Yes, the SIM card can and will expire if it is not recharged. 6 months after your credit has expired, if you have not recharged in this period the SIM will expire and be cancelled.

How can I top up my phone online?

How it WorksSelect Your Country. Quickly and easily select your destination from the list of available countries.Enter Phone Number. Enter the number of the mobile phone you wish to recharge online and select your carrier.Select Top-Up Amount. … Complete Payment.