Quick Answer: Can MTN Beta Talk Do Share And Sell?

How can I get MTN beta talk bonus?

MTN Beta Talk rewards you with 150% bonus airtime on every recharge below N100 and 250% bonus airtime on every recharge of N100 and above.

Dial*123*2*1# or Text BT to 131 to benefit from this and other fantastic offers..

What is the best plan on MTN?

Best mtn tariff plans for callsMTN XtraSpecial. … MTN BetaTalk. … MTN TruTalk+ … MTN Pulse. … MTN Zone. … MTN Supersaver Plus. … MTN AWUF4U. If you need to find a tariff plan that doubles your airtime upon recharge, then you just need to get MTN AWUF4U. … MTN XtraValue. XtraValue bundles provide you with a great range of various options from N300 to N20,000.More items…•

How do I convert my Zoranga airtime to cash?

After login in to your Zoranga account click on deposit money and select MTN Share and Sell if you are MTN or “9mobile Transfer” if you are using 9mobile. Finally, you are required to transfer the airtime from your phone to the mobile number shown to you on that page.

How do you convert credit to cash?

Use Convenience Checks to Turn Credit Card into Cash with Lower Fees. Convenience checks are the checks that come with your credit card statement in the mail. These are blank checks you can write out to anyone. The same fees and interest apply, though, as using your credit card for a cash advance.

How do you migrate to MTN share and sell?

You will do so by sending YES to 777. You can dial this code: *600*the recipient’s number*the amount to be transferred*Transfer PIN#. For example, *600*08031334568*500*4321# from your phone and then press send/ok.

Which is better between MTN Pulse and beta talk?

MTN Beta Talk Tariff Plan The MTN tariff offers calls to national networks for as cheap as 40kobo per second but this is a bit on the high side as MTN pulse offers cheaper call rate of 11kobo per second or N24 per minute.

Does MTN Pulse give bonus?

Some of the features available on MTN Pulse include: Subscribers are rewarded with 100% data bonus when they purchase 500MB weekly data bundle. Data bonus on first recharge each week.

How much do I need to migrate to MTN beta talk?

To migrate to MTN Beta Talk is simple and easy, just dial *123*2*1# or text BT to 131. All you have to do is to either wait for One month after you must have migrate to the new one. But if you have stayed for One month after migrating to any other tariff plan then you can dial the above code to get started.

How much does it cost to migrate to MTN beta talk?

However, subsequent migrations within the same month will attract a migration fee of N100 only. By Implication, if you have not migrated from one tariff plan to another in the past 30days, you will not be charged for migrating to Beta talk. otherwise, you will be charged N100 only.

How do I get my old pin from MTN share and sell?

To retrieve your old MTN transfer pin just dial 180 (mtn customer care), tell them your name and reason for calling. They will ask you few questions and give you directions on what to do, before 24 hours you’ll get your new mtn transfer pin.

Can I convert my airtime to cash?

Aimtoget converts your airtime to cash and would pay you 80% cash after conversion. You can also buy airtime, data bundles, pay bills, send and receive money through the platform. Aimtoget also makes it easy for businesses to accept payments in the form of airtime on their websites. Aimtoget has an app on Playstore.

Can MTN Pulse Do share and sell?

Yes, MTN pulse does accept share and sell.

How do I convert MTN airtime to cash?

Now you can follow the below steps to convert your MTN airtime to cashHaving registered on aimtoget app or website.Log in.Go to fund wallet, and select airtime option as seen.Select network, input amount and phone number you’re transferring from.Transfer the airtime to the displayed number as provided.More items…

Does MTN midnight call still exist?

Does MTN Still Do Night Calls? Before now, users with a minimum of N100 in their airtime balance, can engage in free night calls from 12:30AM to 4:30AM. However, going forward, MTN has discontinued free Night Calls.

Can I transfer airtime from MTN to Airtel?

The only way you can transfer airtime from mtn to airtel, glo or 9mobile is to transfer directly from your bank account. This is the thing with the normal transfer but the only difference is that your are buy them airtime directly from your bank account.