Quick Answer: Are Review Sites Trustworthy?

How trustworthy are Google reviews?

Despite all these reviews — or perhaps because of them — the ratings on Google simply aren’t reliable.

This can be frustrating for small business owners who suffer from phony reviews.

And it misleads consumers into making purchases based on recommendations that aren’t based on facts or even opinions..

Is Consumer Reports really unbiased?

Consumer Reports reliability data is biased because it only surveys subscribers. We’re proud of our reliability data. It is based on the largest survey of its kind, with over one million responses. That covers quite a variety of people, as evidenced by the critical letters from subscribers we get every day.

Should I trust Amazon reviews?

Amazon has reports less than one percent of reviews are fake, but companies like ReviewMeta.com has it much higher. “It’s not every product, but some products have a big problem,” said Tommy Noonan, founder of ReviewMeta.com. “About 7-11 percent of reviews on Amazon appear to be unnatural.”

Are reviews trustworthy?

Online reviews are less trustworthy than we think. The credibility of all reviews — even real ones — is questionable. A 2016 study published in The Journal of Consumer Research looked at whether online reviews reflected objective quality as rated by Consumer Reports. The researchers found very little correlation.

What percent of reviews are fake?

Fake reviews outnumber real ones. In other words, there is a greater percentage of fake reviews than legitimate ones: Electronics: 61 percent. Beauty: 63 percent. Sneakers: 59 percent.