Question: How Do I Use AirAsia Big Pay?

What is the benefit of big pay?

BigPay is an e-wallet and accompanying prepaid card that Tony Fernandes believes will be worth more than AirAsia.

It will waive the 2% fee charged by overseas ATM withdrawals, waive processing fees by AirAsia, and the card is accepted anywhere a MasterCard is..

Can I transfer money from BigPay to bank account?

BigPay now lets you transfer money to local and international bank accounts. BigPay is now making it easier to transfer money using its prepaid Mastercard balance. They have just enabled local and international bank transfers on the official app.

Can I withdraw money from BigPay?

How do I withdraw money from BigPay? Easy! 😎 It’s the same as withdrawing money from your bank card. Head to the nearest Mastercard supported ATM, insert your BigPay card, enter your card PIN and make a cash withdrawal.

How much is AirAsia big points worth?

How much are AirAsia BIG Points really worth? The value of 100 BIG Points seem to be around RM0. 80 for regular flights, although this will differ depending on your destination. Based on the fares above, 100 BIG Points is equivalent to RM0.

How can I avoid processing fee in AirAsia?

Avoid processing charges for payments There are 2 ways to avoid a booking/credit card fee: 1 – Pay using a BIG Visa credit card. All other credit cards and debit cards attract a booking fee. 2 – Pay using direct debit via a PayPal account.

What is big loyalty Air Asia?

The BIG Loyalty is a loyalty and/or rewards programme whereby all AirAsia BIG Members are issued with an BIG Member ID which can be used to earn BIG Points under the BIG Loyalty, subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

Where can use big pay?

You can use your BigPay card anywhere that accepts Mastercard. That’s over 40 million merchants worldwide! Unfortunately, you can’t use your BigPay card in North Korea and Israel. What’s the exchange rate when I use my card abroad?

Is big pay a debit card?

1. What is this product about? The BigPay prepaid card (“BigPay Card”) is a stored-value prepaid payment card that is preloaded with funds by you the Cardmember, and can be used like a normal credit card or debit card. The value will be deducted from the amount stored in the Card whenever purchases are made.

Is big pay under AirAsia?

BigPay, the digital prepaid card from AirAsia, is among 8 companies that have gotten the green light from Malaysia’s Ministry of Housing and Local Government (KPKT) to provide online loans.

How many big points do you need for free flight?

You can still redeem a flight with the BIG Points + Cash option at checkout. As long as you have a minimum of 500 BIG Points in your account, you can top up the balance with cash – no destination is out of reach!

Can I transfer AirAsia big points?

SEPANG, 17 September 201: AirAsia BIG Loyalty launched BIG Xchange, a airline points exchange platform, at the weekend, for BIG Members to convert between BIG Points and points earned on partner credit card purchases.

How do I become a big member of AirAsia?

There are four (4) Membership status (“Status”) under AirAsia BIG Loyalty’s Frequent Flyer Programme. The entry level is Red. Members may progress to the higher status – Gold, Platinum and Black by earning Qualifying Flown Sectors.

Who owns big pay?

Tony FernandesAirAsia founder and CEO Tony Fernandes officially unveiled BigPay, the budget airline’s new digital payments platform, at the Money 2020 conference in Singapore today.

How do I use AirAsia big point?

The option to use BIG Points as a form of payment for AirAsia flights is only available for BIG Members with a minimum of 100 BIG Points remaining in his or her BIG Membership account.

How can I earn a big pay point?

How much do I need to spend to earn 1 BIG Point? You will receive 1 BIG Point for every RM30 spent on BigPay. Do note, you won’t earn BIG Points when sending or receiving money to/from your BigPay contacts or on local and international bank transfers!

How can I convert my globe points to big points in AirAsia?

To convert Globe Rewards Points to AirAsia BIG Points, Participants are required to: Select the ‘reward denomination’ and corresponding ‘item code’ they want to redeem (refer to the points structure above). Text REDEEMITEM CODE10-DIGIT BIG MEMBER ID to 4438. Example: REDEEM BIG300 1234567890.

Which country can use BigPay?

BigPay has made it fast, simple and transparent for you to transfer money overseas from your app. You can transfer money from your BigPay account directly to bank accounts in Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, India, Nepal, and Bangladesh. Click here for more details on transfer times by country.

Do Air Asia big points expire?

Effective 1 January 2017, your AirAsia BIG Points (BIG Points) will be refreshed for another 36 months (3 years). From then onwards, your BIG Points will automatically expire and be deducted 3 years after the last transaction where you earned or redeemed your BIG Points.