How Safe Is NZ?

What are the pros and cons of living in New Zealand?

Pros of Living in New ZealandLow Cost of Living.

Kiwis enjoy the great combination of a relatively low cost of living and a high quality of life.

Vast, Untouched Wilderness Areas.

Lots of Rights for Expats.

High-quality Healthcare.

Top-notch Education.

Great Food.

Far From Everything.

Expensive Imports.More items…•.

What is the number 1 safest car?

In this article, we list the top 14 safest car brands you can purchase in 2020….14 Safest Car Brands In The World (2020 Ranking List)1GenesisSouth Korea(Luxury Vehicles)2VolvoSweden(Luxury Vehicles)3TeslaUnited States(Luxury Electric Vehicles)4MazdaJapan(Mass-Market Cars)11 more rows•Sep 8, 2020

What is the biggest suburb in Auckland?

This area is the former Auckland City.Arch Hill.Auckland CBD.Avondale.Balmoral.Blackpool.Blockhouse Bay.Eden Terrace.Eden Valley.More items…

What is the safest car in NZ?

Here’s 10 of DRIVEN’s favourite small car picks, based on safety ratings and safety features.2017 Suzuki Swift GLXC.2019 Honda Jazz RS. … 2015 Hyundai i30 Elite.2016 Skoda Fabia TSI.2016 Volkswagen Polo GTI.2020 Kia Rio LX.2018 Holden Astra RS.2017 Mitsubishi Lancer GSR.More items…•

What is the poorest suburb in Auckland?

Some of the suburbs in South Auckland contain predominantly state housing and are the poorest suburbs of Auckland. The area also contains the industrial heartland of Auckland (Mangere, Otahuhu, Manukau CBD, and the Port of Onehunga), with workshops, factories and warehouses providing work for many Aucklanders.

What is the most common crime in New Zealand?

Burglary, harassment and fraud were the most common crimes committed in New Zealand, and Māori people were more likely to be victims of crime, with 37% of indigenous respondents reporting being the victim of a criminal incident in the past year.

Is Auckland safe at night?

Auckland’s city centre is not especially dangerous, but police say walking alone at night is not advisable. … “It’s not really a good idea to walk anywhere on your own at night,” Srhoj said. Peter Rees. Trust your instincts to avoid danger in Auckland city at night, says police area commander Matthew Srhoj.

Where should I live in Auckland?

Where to Live in AucklandCentral Auckland. If you want to be right at the heart of Auckland’s vibrant social and cultural scene, the city’s bustling central business district (CBD) could be just the place for you. … Ponsonby. … Parnell. … Grey Lynn. … Takapuna. … Howick. … Devonport. … Mangere Bridge.More items…•

Is South Auckland dangerous?

Yes, South Auckland is notoriously known as a more dangerous suburb compared to other suburbs in Auckland. … I have lots of colleagues who lives in South Auckland, and they assure me that their area is safe. Granted that it’s not as quiet as Epsom, or Parnell.

What is the most dangerous city in New Zealand?

Some of the most violent areas were Wellington City, including the hotbed from Willis St to Cambridge Terrace, which had 4312 cases. Auckland Central had 3485, Hamilton City had 6063, and Counties-Manukau West had 5886, while the Canterbury Metro Area (Christchurch) had 10,417.

What is bad about New Zealand?

User ron_manager had a list of complaints, including poor housing, a lack of arts, rampant anti-intellectualism, non-existent work ethic, bad wages and “insanely expensive” food. “Apart from those things it’s pretty bloody great.” Some users told Taroin not be fooled by New Zealand’s stunning landscapes.

Does New Zealand have a low crime rate?

In 2011, New Zealand’s recorded crime rate was at its lowest in 15 years, down another 5.6% on the figures from 2010. … The total number of offences in 2012 was the lowest since 1989, and gave the lowest crime rate per head of population since before electronic records were maintained.

Is Auckland safe from earthquakes?

Auckland doesn’t have earthquakes. … (Just an earthquake, after all, a puny 4.5 on the Richter scale.) Growing up in New Zealand calibrates you to anticipate seismic apocalypse. Auckland, the country’s largest city, is built on a volcanic field, which has erupted more than 50 times.

Are there ghettos in New Zealand?

Ethnic groups are forming “ghettos” in Auckland but that may be a good thing, says an Auckland University geography lecturer. Although Auckland accounted for 31 per cent of the population of New Zealand in 2001, it had just over half of all migrants. …

Where should I not live in Auckland?

Readers can explore their own neighbourhoods but some of the most dangerous spots in each centre include:Auckland CBD – The area bordered by Victoria St West and Wellesley St West, Queen St and Elliot St (107 victimisations).North Shore – The area around the Albany Westfield Mall (42).More items…•

How many murders were there in NZ in 2019?

They’ve released figures showing the number of homicides in New Zealand is declining. A new police report looked into 686 homicides, including murder and manslaughter, over a 10-year period.

What is the nicest city in New Zealand?

10 Best places to live in New ZealandQueenstown. View from the top of the Skyline Gondola in Queenstown. … Napier. Coming in at number two on our list is Napier. … Rotorua. … Auckland. … Tauranga/Mt Maunganui. … Wellington. … New Plymouth. … Christchurch.More items…•

What are the disadvantages of living in New Zealand?

List of the Cons of Living in New ZealandThe cost of living in New Zealand is somewhat high. … New Zealand is a fairly isolated country. … The cost of getting to New Zealand is problematic for many families. … You will be living a quiet life when you move to New Zealand.More items…•

What is illegal in New Zealand?

Alcohol, illegal substances and guns Along with many other countries, the use, possession, cultivation or trafficking/dealing of illicit substances including cannabis/weed is illegal in New Zealand. Strict gun control is enforced. Only those with a current firearm licence/permit can own and use firearms.

What are the 5 deadliest cars?

Here are the 10 vehicles that have been named the most dangerous vehicles in America.Ford Mustang GT Coupe (2015-18) … Kia Rio (2015-18) … Nissan Versa (2015-19) … Kia Forte (2015-18) … Hyundai Elantra (2011-16) … Fiat 500 (2012-19) … Nissan Versa Note (2016-2019) … Chevrolet Sonic (2012-2020)More items…•

Which car is best in NZ?

NZ’s best selling cars of 2019Toyota Corolla. Say what you will about Toyota and the Corolla, but there’s no doubting its mass appeal. … Mazda CX-5. … The Mazda CX-5 is one of New Zealand’s favourite compact SUVs.Kia Sportage. … Ford Ranger. … Toyota Hilux. … Holden’s Colorado ute is a fantastic workhorse and every day vehicle.Nissan Navara.More items…