How Long Can Answering Machine Message?

What should I say on my answering machine?

20 Clever, Creative and Funny Personal Voicemail GreetingsHello.

Hi, this is [your name].


Hello, you have reached the number you have dialed.

Hi, this is [your name].

Hello, this is [your name].

This is you-know who.

Please repeat the secret code and if you get it right, I will call you back!More items…•.

What is the most professional voicemail message?

“Hello! You’ve reached the voicemail of [your name], [your job title]. I’m currently either away from my desk or on the other line. Please leave your name, telephone number, and a short message after the beep, and I’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as I’m available.”

Should you say your name in your voicemail?

If you are recording a voicemail message for business, be sure you include your name and your company’s name, so people know who they are calling and were they are reaching them. If you do not include the business name, they may think they have mistakenly called you at your personal number.

How long can a voicemail be Sprint?

Personally, 2 min should be the max. Though, if u can’t get your point across in a message in approx 30 secs. (who u are, what u want, how to contact back)…

How long is too long for a voicemail?

The ideal sales voicemail message is no more than one minute long, tops. You want to leave just enough information to intrigue the lead into calling you back. Don’t wait until the end to mention your “hook” because if the first 15 seconds of the message are boring, your message will be wiped before it gets that far.

How do I leave an answering machine message?

Leave a brief description of the reason that you are calling. They do not need to hear a litany of details, keep it brief and to the point. A simple, “I was calling to confirm dinner on Saturday” will suffice. Speak your phone number clearly.

What is a good message for voicemail?

Personal Voicemail Greetings”Hi, you’ve reached [your name] at [your company]. … “Hi, you’ve reached [name] at [company]. … “Hey, this is [your name]. … “Hello, you’ve reached [your name and title]. … “Hello, [Person’s name] is chasing new adventures and is no longer with [Company name].

How do I leave a professional voicemail message?

10 steps for leaving professional voicemail messagesThink it through first. It is always a good rule to think through what you want to talk about before you make a call. … Introduce yourself. … Speak slowly. … Speak clearly. … Mention your availability. … Keep it short and sweet. … Make sure your details are clear. … End the voicemail professionally.More items…•

What does a professional voicemail sound like?

Hi, you’ve reached the voicemail of [your name] at [your company]. I’m away from my desk, in a meeting or on the other line. Please leave your name, number and a brief message after the tone and I will get back to you as soon as I can. … Thank you for calling [your name] at [company name].

How do I leave a voicemail on my iPhone?

Tap Dial. Tap Call. You will hear the person’s voicemail greeting, and then the tone that signals you to leave a message. Leave a voicemail message.

How long is a voicemail password?

Android (via Cricket Visual Voicemail) Tap Password – Manage your Visual Voicemail Password. Enter the current password. Enter the new password. Your voicemail password must be between seven and fifteen digits (numbers only, no letters or special characters).