How Do You Display Fields In Lightning Component?

How do you add lightning component in record Detail page?

Navigate to Setup > Platform Tools > User Interface > Lightning App Builder.

On the Lightning Pages section, click New.

Select App Page, Home page, or Record page, where you want to add the component.

In the Label field, enter the name of the lightning page and click Next..

How do you use a custom label in Aura component?

Custom labels are custom text values that can be translated into any language that Salesforce supports. To access custom labels in Aura components, use the $Label global value provider. A label describes the purpose of an input component. To set a label on an input component, use the label attribute.

How do you use custom labels in lightning flow?

In Process Builder, select the type “Formula,” then select System Variables, select $Label, locate your custom field and click Choose to insert. Then click on “Use this Formula” to check the syntax and then Save it. In flow, create a Formula resource. Select “System and Global Variables”, find $Label and expand it.

How do you display output fields in lightning component?

Use the lightning-output-field component in lightning-record-view-form to display the value of a record field on a Salesforce object. Use the field-name attribute to specify the API field name.

How do you hide input fields in lightning component?

1 Answer. Use slds-hide instead of slds-hidden . So the thing is if you just want to disappear the element from the UI then use the slds-hidden and it will take its space. And to remove the space as well use the slds-hide .

How do you show labels in lightning component?

To create custom labels, from Setup, enter Custom Labels in the Quick Find box, then select Custom Labels. Use the following syntax to access custom labels in Aura components. You can reference custom labels in component markup and in JavaScript code.

What is force recordData?

A force:recordData component defines the parameters for accessing, modifying, or creating a record using Lightning Data Service. … You can add your custom component to a record home page in the Lightning App Builder, or as a custom action.

What is variant in lightning button?

Base component variants correspond to variants in Lightning Design System. Variants change the appearance of a component and are controlled by the variant attribute.

What is an aura component?

Components are the functional units of Aura, which encapsulate modular and reusable sections of UI. They can contain other components or HTML markup. The public parts of a component are its attributes and events. Aura provides out-of-the-box components in the aura and ui namespaces.

How do I create a custom field?

Go to System Settings > Objects and Fields.Select the object you’ll be creating fields for. … Select Object Fields from the Object Management menu.Click New Field.Choose a field type and click Next.Complete the required fields: … Click Save Custom Field.Add the new field to a Page Layout.

How do I add a custom field to the contact object?

Add Custom FieldsClick. and select Setup. This launches Setup in a new tab.Click the Object Manager tab.From the list of objects in the dropdown, click Suggestion.Click the Fields & Relationships section.Click New.