How Do I Redeem Checkers WICode?

Can you withdraw cash from eBucks?

Cash@Till withdrawals will be free for all individual customers; …

Airtime and data purchases via the FNB App, Online and will be free for all individual customers..

How do I redeem my checkers voucher?

How it works:Go to to buy a voucher.The virtual voucher can only be used in-store (not online) by entering the unique voucher number into the pin pad at check out.Vouchers can only be redeemed once, with no change given if the purchase value is less than the voucher value.More items…•

How do you use WiCODE?

Each wiCode can be used only once, and is shown as a QR code, making it easy to scan. A wiCode can be processed by: Scanning the QR wiCode into the scanner at till. Entering the numeric wiCode directly into the POS….FAQ at POS.QUESTIONSANSWERS4.Can a customer exchange wiCodes for cash?No4 more rows•Jan 15, 2020

What is a checkers WiCODE?

As a Mukuru Money Card holders you are able to deposit, withdraw and pay for groceries at Shoprite, Checkers or Usave by generating a WiCODE. You will be able to generate or create a WiCODE by dialing*130*567#, on the Mobisite or Mukuru App but not via the call center.

Does Checkers voucher work at Shoprite?

For your convenience, you can use your Checkers gift card at any Checkers, Shoprite or Usave and selected OK Furniture stores in South Africa.

Can I spend my eBucks at Checkers?

eBucks can be earned and spent at supermarkets in the Checkers, Shoprite, Checkers Hyper, and Usave brands as well as all branches of Shoprite and Checkers LiquorShop in South Africa. … The brand’s core focus is to provide the public with lower prices on a range of groceries and some durable items.