How Do I Check My Ecobank Account?

How do I register for Ecobank Mobile Banking?

Type Ecobank Mobile, find the app, then click Install.

Once the app is installed, exit the app store.

To launch the app, click on the Ecobank Mobile icon on your mobile phone.

To verify your mobile device, dial *326# using your registered number and perform a PIN change..

How do I check my statement of accounts?

How to Access Your Bank Statements OnlineLog in to your account through the bank’s website or app. … Find where your bank houses their electronic statements. … Select the statement period you want to view.Review the statement on your computer, tablet, or phone — or download your statement as a PDF.More items…•

What is the code to check Ecobank account balance?

To check your Ecobank account balance, simply dial *326*0#. You must dial the code using the line linked with your account number and registered with Mobile money.

How do I access my Ecobank account online?

How to use Ecobank OnlineClick “Log-in to Internet Banking”Select your country and click “Log-in to your account”Enter your unique User ID.Enter your unique password and confirm your Secure Image and Message.

How can I get my Ecobank account statement?

Register with your details. Finally you can also view your statement of account via register email with the bank, because ecobank normally send customer’s their monthly account statement.

How can I check my statement of account online?

You can access your E-Statements anytime through Online Banking:Click on the ‘Accounts’ tab and the click on ‘All Accounts. … Next, click on the account you wish to see statements from and in the upper right hand of your screen, click on ‘Statements. … Select the statement you wish to retrieve and click ‘View.More items…

How do I activate Ecobank mobile transfer?

Dial *326# with phone number that you used to open Ecobank account. Then proceed and select fund transfer. Now, Enter the account number of the recipient and select the bank. Make sure you enter the recipient details correctly.

How can I get bank statement by SMS?

How to Get SBI Mini Statement by SMS Banking?To avail, a Mini Statement by SMS Banking users must first register for SMS Banking Services by visiting the SBI Bank or ATM. … Once they have registered, they can now send an SMS MSTMT to Mini-Statement Number For SMS from their registered mobile number.More items…•

How do I get my bank statements?

If you are an Online Banking customer, you can sign into Online Banking, and select Statements & Documents under the Accounts tab. Then select the Request statements tab. Electronic statements are available 24-36 hours after your request, and are accessible for 7 days.

How do I check my Ecobank account on my phone?

SMS and e-Alerts With our SMS banking service you can access your account wherever you are. You can also request a balance or statement, and view your last three transactions. Signing up is simple with your mobile phone number and account number.

How do I activate my Ecobank account?

Dial *326# from the mobile number registered and linked to your EcobankNigeria account. You will be prompted to choose the debit card linked to your Ecobank account. Enter the details to proceed with the Ecobank Nigeria USSD code registration.

How do I set up a bank account online?

To open a bank account online, be prepared to provide personal information so the bank can verify your identity. You may also need to arrange for electronic deposits to your new online bank account.