Does Sky Go Extra Cost?

How do I stop someone using my sky go?

Re: Someone using my sky go account All you can do in instances like this is to delete the device from the list of your devices and then change your password again and make sure the password you use isn’t being used as a login to any other websites..

What is the difference between Sky Go and Sky Go Extra?

Sky Go vs Sky Go Extra With Sky Go Extra, you can download programmes to watch offline on up to four devices, including games consoles. … Sky Go Extra is an additional fee, although if you’re a Sky Multiscreen customer, Sky Go Extra is free.

How many Sky Go devices can I have?

six devicesHow many devices can you register on Sky Go? You can add up to six devices and any new device will be automatically added the first time you sign into the Sky Go app with your Sky iD.

What devices does Sky Go Extra work on?

Sky Go Extra allows you to download shows and movies to compatible laptops, mobiles and tablets. However, you’ll need a Sky Multiscreen subscription to be able to watch Live TV or download recordings from your Sky Q box to your Sky Go app (if you have Sky Q Multiscreen, you’ll already have Sky Go Extra).

Can you get Sky Go on PlayStation 3?

The TV from Sky app on PlayStation 3 is no longer supported and will stop working after 19 January 2021. It’s available to download on PlayStation 4 and 5. Sky Go is also available on mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

Is Sky Go Extra free?

Download Sky Go Extra for free! We’re making Sky Go Extra available to all our customers for free, so busy homes can watch whatever they want on any device; keeping everyone happy. Download shows and movies to watch offline, taking the strain off your WIFI, and watch on 3 screens at the same time as your main TV.

How much is Sky Go Extra package?

See compatible device and software requirements. Sky Go Extra: Sky TV customers only. No extra cost with Multiscreen, otherwise £5 extra a month. Allow up to 24 hours for your account to be activated.

Can Sky Go work on smart TV?

No the Sky Go app can NOT be downloaded to any Smart TV.

Can someone else use my Sky Go account?

Sky Go help You can register up to 6 devices and when you register a 7th it will auto-swap with your least used device. … To connect the Sky Go app to someone else’s Sky Q box so you can watch their channels, recordings and downloads: Open the Sky Go app on your device and it’ll automatically search for a Sky Q box.

Can I access my recordings on Sky Go?

Re: Watching recorded programmes on Sky Go To be able to watch your Recorded items via the Sky Go app you need to have a Sky Q box and connect to it through the same Wifi network.

How long does it take to activate Sky Go Extra?

I have just managed to speak to an advisor and he told me it could take upto 4hrs to activate and appear on the account so fingers crossed.

How do I know if I am a Sky Go Extra customer?

You can see if you have Sky Go Extra by visiting My Account. Sign in with your Sky iD and if you have Sky Go Extra it should show amongst the product tiles that appear below Your Package.

How do I get Sky Go Extra?

To sign up to Sky Go Extra, all customers need to do is visit Once they’ve done this, the next time they enter the Sky Go app they will be able to download programmes and register two more devices.

How do I claim my free Sky Go Extra?

To redeem this reward, visit the Sky VIP reward home page and click on the icon to claim. You will be able to access the service within 24 hours. 4. You will not be charged anything on your bill for Sky Go Extra.

Can family members use sky go?

Sky Go is great – letting you access sport, films, kids’ content and more while on the move or in a different room. Except for the fact you can only register two devices. That means if you want kids’ content for the tablet, only one person in the family can have it on their phone too.