Can I Recharge From Airtel Main Balance?

How can I use Airtel main balance?

In myairtel app, select any plan which you want to activate.

There it’ll give you two options, 1is from wallet balance & the other is from main balance.

Select “main balance” & you are done..

How can I recharge my Airtel main balance from 35?

Method – 2 For AirtelDial *121# from Your Airtel Mobile.Now Select Smartpack and Then Select Rs.23 or Rs.35 Pack.Press 1 and activate it.

What is the code to transfer airtime from Airtel to Airtel?

Through ussd code Dial *432# > Select 1 (Airtel to Airtel) > Enter Recipient’s Airtel Number > Enter Airtime Amount > Enter Transfer Pin > Press Send/Ok.

How can I activate Internet from main balance in Airtel?

How to activate Airtel 4g data plan from main balance?Dial *121#Press 3 for new offers.Select 1st option for unlimited packs.Now, you will see many unlimited plans.Select any plan which you want to recharge, press the number and send it.Confirm the plan.Thats it!

How do I check my phone balance?

Simply Dial the USSD same as the phone Number. Dial Exactly Number Like *123# and Press the call button….How to check Balance in All mobile Networks.Mobile NetworkBalance CheckVodafone*146#7 more rows

How can I recharge my Airtel number from main balance?

To recharge other Airtel numbers using main account balance, open the phone dialer app and dial *141* Airtel mobile number * MRP#.

How can I transfer Airtel main balance?

Below are the steps to do Airtel to Airtel balance money transfer.Dial Airtel USSD code for balance transfer, *141#It will open a menu with options such as Share talk time, Take loan/Ask for talk time, Gift pack, Buy happy hours, Account, Help.Here, you need to choose ‘Share talk time’ by pressing 1 and hit ‘send’More items…•

What is Airtel main account balance?

What is Airtel main account balance? Dial *123# to check your Airtel main account balance. Main account balance means the money left for you to make calls, send SMS or use the internet.

How can I check my Airtel balance online?

Download and open the MyAirtel app and login via your Airtel number and OTP. On opening the app, you’ll find your prepaid balance displayed under the MyAirtel category. Tapping on your account will bring up options like account balance, data balance, recharge history and exclusive offers.